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Comic Book of the Month

Is Birds of Prey #106, which features a knock-down drag-out fight between the Birds and the Secret Six.

Gail Simone talks about Birds of Prey:

Gail Simone: Well, I'm to blame, really...I wanted to write more of the Six, but some extra projects (that are very very cool, by the way!) made an ongoing impossible unless I dropped a book or two. But the idea really became a must-do when it hit me that I'd never seen Barda and Knockout really face off. I just couldn't let that idea go. It cracked me up just thinking about it.

And it just kept piling on..."I wonder how Huntress would react to Catman. How would Oracle deal with a team that close to the edge of lawlessness..." just on and on.

In some ways, it's kind of the ultimate example of a BoP arc under my run; it's loud, rude, impolite, and should not be discussed in polite company. That's what I like. It's got an exotic locale, an obnoxious villain, and tons of fun characters, none of whom mind their manners.

Finally, I'm just a huge fan of those old crossover-books, where the JLA and JSA would come together once a year. This is like that, if Wildcat licked Superman behind the ear and threw a meatball at his head.

NRAMA: Just to point out, you're referring to Catman and Huntress there, right?

GS: Maybe.

Interview with Nicola Scott, the wonder from Down Under