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Thesis Update

Spoke to Student Administration. They drew my attention to the Thesis submission guidelines.
In particular:They want a fourth reviewer copy of the thesis for themselves. Did another print run, requiring another ream of A4 paper. They also want eight weeks notice but aren't getting it.

Managed to download a colour Win XP 64 driver for the Inkjet printer. So can now print the colour pages from this machine. Most pages are now printed.



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21st May, 2007 23:19 (UTC)
When I submitted my thesis there several years ago, they got only one morning's notice. They only got that much notice because I had to go to them to find out where to get the reviewers' copies bound.
24th May, 2007 21:04 (UTC)
That is good to know. I figure, why do they need the warning? To line up reviewers and that's already been done.
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