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Gonna wash that man right outta...

devildoll hosts comments on Marvel's new statuette of a barefoot Mary Jane Watson doing Spidey's laundry.

Scroll down for logansrogue's proposed companion piece.



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17th May, 2007 13:07 (UTC)
*pokes* What are your thoughts on yaoi FanLib and the idea of using a commercial model for a fan fiction archive period?
20th May, 2007 11:25 (UTC)
Re: Random
Their business model makes no sense to me whatsoever. They have dropped the idea of "ownership" of the fic (which was a loser anyway) but still want to use it for "promotional purposes"? What promotion? How?
20th May, 2007 13:15 (UTC)
Re: Random
Yeah. :/ I don't think a business model is necessarily wrong or evil but theirs needs work.
24th May, 2007 21:05 (UTC)
Re: Random
Had not seen the the Business Week thing.

FanLib is really interesting but meh. :/ I'm really having a hard time taking LiveJournal fandom seriously on the issue because the parts that are sexist are just gah, visible and annoying. (I think mecrutin had the post which said fangirls do it better than then failed to define better.) :/
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