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The Final Campaign Begins

It's all very simple:

1. Ultimate Draft
(a) Ultimate Draft in to Jeff.
(b) Proofread Ultimate Draft.
(c) Incorporate changes requested. Possibly return to Step 1.

2. Examination
(a) Run off and spiral bind three hard copies for examiners and hand in to Jeff.
(b) Examiners will grade the thesis: A - proceed to Step 3; B - proceed to 2(c); C - proceed to Step 1; D - proceed to Square One; E - Abort Exit. This takes six months.
(c) Incorporate changes requested

3. Completion
(a) Run off and hard bind twelve hard copies: Supervisor Copies for Jeff and Peter (2); Personal Copies (2); Family Copies (2); University Copies (2); Copies for Army and War Memorial (2); Spare (2)
(b) Approval by Higher Degrees Committee

4. Graduation



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(Deleted comment)
28th Mar, 2007 10:52 (UTC)
Thanks! The diagram reminds me of the map of the London Underground.
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