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Pots and Plans

A long weekend provides an opportunity to make some progress on the latest thesis chapter. It still isn't finished yet but is now very close and should be done by next week.

This will make three chapters for the year. With luck, a fourth can be produced before the end of the year, which will keep things on schedule.

Each chapter is between 30 and 40 pages long. The thesis plan calls for twelve of them. I write "top down", using the plan to organise my material. Unfortunately, none of the chapters produced thus far are actually on the plan.

The plan called for an overview first chapter, which has already begun filling up with bits and pieces written for other chapters and then cropped. It therefore is a prime candidate for the next chapter, as it is already partially written. The next three chapters were supposed to be on the bases in Papua. The first attempt yielded a chapter on their organisation and administration. The plan has been modified to consolidate the remaining three into one on their activities. A chapter on the Wau-Salamaua campaign was listed next. Instead, the latest chapter has been produced, which covers only one part of it, the construction of the Bulldog Road. The next two chapters were supposed to be on the Huon Campaign. Instead, a chapter has been produced on its planning and preparation. The two will now probably be consolidated into one.

This is all a symptom of my not knowing sufficient details about the topic before I started researching it. If this continues, the whole thesis will require restructuring. Nonetheless, a plan that has to be modified to meet changing circumstances is still better than not having a plan at all.

Finished chapters are given to Jeff for review. They come back covered with comments, mostly flagging things that need more research. The chapter then gets revised accordingly. In this way, the final draft should already be of the required standard.
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