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Comic Book of the Month

This month is SECRET SIX: SIX DEGREES OF DEVASTATION. If you've been reading Birds of Prey, the Secret Six (Catman, Deadshot, Ragdoll, Scandal Savage, and Knockout - yes, I know, there are only five of them - does that remind you of any other group?) makes a guest appearance in issues 104 through 107. This collects the recent mini-series into a graphic novel. If you didn't catch the mini-series, then this is the big opportunity to make up for it. The plot has the Secret rescuing one of their own from North Korea.

There are male characters, but they are only there because they are "pleasant to look at". ("So noted!" replies Catman. Hey, it works for me.) Alas, there is absolutely no subtext, mainly because Scandal seems to have an awful lot of trouble with the concept. (For that, you can turn to Birds of Prey, which has yummy subtext between Oracle and Spy Smasher. Scandal of course shows up wearing a tux and dances with Knockout.)
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