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Goodbye Homer

Went round to John's place for a goodbye party for Homer. He's living there while John is skiing in Canada.

This is what I hate most about Canberra. People keep leaving. Friends are never forever.

Yet friends are important here. I have no family here, only friends, work and thesis. Right now it is the thesis that keeps me here, for it cannot be done elsewhere.

Homer was one of the best. He was a real mate. We have worked together, at the old firm and the new, for some years. He brought a wonderful enthusiasm and superb technical skill to everything. He was always the guy who could make the engine work. He was the one who could turn our enthusiams into reality. There are many things that I would never have done without him.

Unfortunately, this was his downfall too. His wife hails from Canada someplace and had become homesick for life on a remote farm. So Homer has sold the house and packed up the family. He has four children, aged 4,6,8 and 10. They are shipping most of their stuff in a container. They fly out on Monday, with the rest, in some twelve 20kg bags.

They are moving to Salmon Arm, a small town in British Columbia. Homer's brother-in-law owns a plot of 20 acres of land there and is letting him build a house on the land.

On paper, he has gottren an excellect price for his house in the real estate bull market and the exchange rate on the Canadian dollar has been the best it has been in many year. The Canadian economy is in the doldrums at the moment while ours is quite strong. So he has made a lot of money on paper.

Of course, he has to build a house, a job which he will probably tackle with his usual drive and ingenuity.

We'll meet again, of course, but it won't be the same.

This is the end.


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31st Jan, 2004 13:22 (UTC)
(sad face)
My sympathies.

But you know this just means you've got to finish your thesis and move to Melbourne! (grin)

1st Feb, 2004 23:23 (UTC)
::hug:: Thanks Kat
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