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Meeting with Jeff

Meeting with Jeff at lunch time today. He seems happy enough, considering he has just given his first lecture of the year. (He's teaching American Military History - buy the text book.)

I gave him the executive summary of the thesis - the introduction, conclusion and first pages of all the chapters. He says he'll read it tonight.

He had some clever suggestions which will be incorporated in the thesis. Some discussion on units of measurement and their significance (Americans use different units to Australians), and the importance of cooperation to logistics (as opposed to unity of command, which is crap).

Also, he shouted lunch and a couple of beers.

Oh, and a free book - An Art in Itself: The Theory and Conduct of Small Wars and Insurgencies. Get 'em while the Americans are still interested in insurgency. Will come a time when they decide to forget it all and go back to "real soldiering", like they did after Vietnam.
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