hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Meme: Desk

Gacked from partly_bouncy

A meme going on involving pics of desks...

Wooden desk built by my brother-in-law. The chair has been moved back to clear the view. Judy (the old Linux computer) is at left, near the overflowing wastepaper bin. Sandy (Power Mac 7200) is on the desktop. Jessica (WinXP) and Alison (Win64) are at right. A Xena calendar hangs on the wall.

Wooden bookcases built by my brother-in-law. Most of the books in the picture are military history. The sets that look alike are various official histories. Julie, the old Mac SE can be seen on the bottom left.

Another view. The top four shelves of the bookcase on the left contain computer books.

Tags: books, memes
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