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Progress Report

Email at work from ADFA saying that they were awaiting completion of a Progress Report Form sent to me on 28 November 2003. The University is required to report on the progress of research candidates in the first six months of enrolment and then at least once a year. Required by whom? Some mysterious entity known as the Committee. Probably plotting to take over the world. In the old days James Bond would've sorted them out. Anyhow, I never got it. I listed progress achieved in 2003 as:
  • Three draft thesis chapters prepared:
Chapter 2The Bases in Papua (I)308,890
Chapter 4The Bulldog Road3811,518
Chapter 6Cartwheel Gets Rolling4313,392
  • Four more chapters in preparation:
Chapter 1Strategy and Logistics 154,288
Chapter 3The Bases in Papua (II)10 1,978
Chapter 7Lae and Nadzab3911,532
Chapter 8Finschhafen153,972
Total79 21,770
  • Paper presented at Chief of Army's History Conference
  • Field trip to Washington DC