hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

What I Did in My Summer Holidays

1. Had dinner on the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. This is an awesome (not to mention appropriate) way to see Melbourne. Food is great too.
2. Caught up with Malissa and Exile Al, who is down from Singapore. Al has this awesome place. It's a terrace house in Fitzroy, not far from Brunswick street. You guys rule!
3. Did a lot of work on the thesis. Actually, this was mostly what I did. Nowhere near finished but lots of changes made. Incorporated some things that I had been meaning to add.
4. Updated the Perl footnote daemon to run from the laptop. Had to install LJ::Simple and make a few code changes. Also installed new software and hardware (mouse, printer) on Mum's machine here. Bigpond says that I have used up half her download limit for the month. She'll be right though.
5. Wrote some articles for the wikipedia. Argued with wiki admins.
6. Went bike riding with my brother-in-law in Frankston (twice!) and along the beach.
7. Swam in the pool, watched cricket on TV, read some comic books.
Tags: thesis
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