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Long Weekend

Went for a bike ride around the Mountain on Thursday, my first single track ride since the 12 Hours. My best friend Homer is still here for another week and wanted to take a last ride. Fell off. I took a dip too slow and came to a halt at the top. Slid back down again backwards. Crashed. I have three big bloody scrapes on my right arm. Maybe I ought to buy some padding like the skate boarders wear. The scrapes stung a bit and shoulder is a little sore. Luckily, it was the good shoulder. The bad one might have popped out again.

Holiday on Monday so this is a long weekend. On Friday night I didn't feel too well. I was shaking uncontrollably. Went to sleep eventually and then woke up at 2am burning up. I'd wrapped myself up too warm. Wrote up some story ideas on the hand computer. Eventually got back to sleep and woke up at noon. Feel okay now. This was probably that flu bug that was going around at work. My immune system goes beserk at every little bug these days.


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24th Jan, 2004 17:00 (UTC)
My immune system goes beserk at every little bug these days.

Perhaps you're stressed???

Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend, anyway. 8-)

24th Jan, 2004 18:15 (UTC)
The long weekend
Hi there,

Boy, you sound like you got the exact same thing Steve had, at the same time!

And I've seen the scars from your little road rash incidents--you could use some elbow pads. Being flayed alive is not attractive, although it may be macho to some...

Take care and hope you feel better,
24th Jan, 2004 18:39 (UTC)
Ouchie! Feel better. Love the icon.
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