hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Reviews of Books on Nuclear Weapons

The New World: A History of the United States Atomic Energy Commission, Volume I 1939-1946

Atomic Shield: A History of the United States Atomic Energy Commission: Volume II 1947-1952

Britain and the H-Bomb

Britain, Australia and the Bomb: The Nuclear Tests and their Aftermath

City Behind a Fence: Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 1942-1946

Critical Assembly : A Technical History of Los Alamos During the Oppenheimer Years, 1943-1945

Now It Can Be Told: The Story of the Manhattan Project

Racing for the Bomb: General Leslie R. Groves, the Manhattan Project's Indispensable Man

The Uranium People

United States Army in World War Two, Special Studies, Manhattan: The Army and the Atomic Bomb

Vanguard of American Atomic Deterrence: The Sandia Pioneers, 1946-1949
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