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17th Dec, 2006 02:24 (UTC)
Two other nuke books you and your readers might want to know about. Inspired wholly or partly by the Three Mile Island accident (USA, 1979), they deal more with aberrations in nuclear research and nuclear power than with weapons per se:

Accidents Will Happen: The Case Against Nuclear Power. Environmental Action Foundation, 1979

The Warning - Accident at Three Mile Island. Mike Gray and Ira Rosen, orig. 1983, reissued 2003.
17th Dec, 2006 04:40 (UTC)
Thanks for that. Lorna Arnold also wrote a book on the 1957 Windscale disaster. I haven't seen it on sale though.
17th Dec, 2006 10:57 (UTC)
That would be this one. I'd be interested in reading it sometime but I'm not about to buy it at those prices.

Accidents Will Happen mentions Windscale in passing. I know I've read a lot more about it somewhere, probably in the same place I read about Idaho Falls, but I can't remember where that was.
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