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We Live in an Imperfect World...

Everything has been breaking down this week.

The KVM switch was the first to go. This is a device that allows the Jessica (Win2K) and Judy (Linux) computers to share a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Unfortunately, for some reason, the monitor and keyboard are okay but the mouse no longer works. I thought that the cable might have been defective and tried swapping the cables but no luck. So Jessica and Judy now have their own mice – I took the spare mouse from Julie, the Win98 laptop. Yes, all the computers here have names – this is neccessary for them to talk to each other.

Then, when I went to back up the thesis onto a zip disk, the drive wasn't there. Pulled the machine apart to discover a loose cable. The zip drive is working again!

The rear tyre on the bicycle went flat. This was probably caused by a broken spoke. Took the bus home, the car back to work and the bicycle round to Mal Adjusted to have the spoke fixed. The tube was shot so I got a new one rather than using the spare. And I bought a bicycle pump while I was at it. Unfortunately, I had to drive in to work on one of the nicest days of the year.

En route, the car started playing up. The light on the dash indicated that one of the indicator lamps was playing up. (Contrary to popular opinion, the dashboard lights are not just to let you know when it's Christmas.) It seems that one of the front left hand side indicator light bulbs had burned out. Well, the car is still under warranty, so I asked the Holden Dealer to replace it. Two weeks they say. Booked out until February. (Everybody likes to have their car serviced while they are on holidays.) Well, for goodness sake, it was only one tiny light bulb. So I said I'd put it in myself but I wasn't going to pay for it because spare parts dealers have no sense of shame whatsoever. While it could (and should) have cost 20¢, who knows, they might want 20 bucks. After much paperwork, I got the them to give me the bulb. Changing it was actually easier than changing one in the house, although you have to do it blind. The socket comes out from the fitting with a simple twist and you can then pull it up and change the bulb.

Now the Pocket PC is playing up. Both the main and backup batteries went flat and all its files were lost. It's recharging now. All the files should be backed up on Jessica but you know what should be is worth...

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