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Meeting with Jeff

Didn't feel like riding on the Monday after the Mont ride so I took the car in to work. Since it was available, I dropped off the re-enrollment forms at ADFA. It wasn't clear whether I had to re-enroll for the next semester as I was hoping to submit before it begins on 1 March 2007 but they said I should.

Dropped in to see Jeff. He has escaped from that awful corner and moved upstairs to a much nicer office. Hasn't completed reading the thesis yet but had a few words to say about it. Basically, the research is tremendous and to a depth that no one has attempted before or is likely to again. Thus, my first word on logistics in SWPA may become the last.

However, he felt that the examiners would, while appreciative of the research, be unable to find the thesis in the mass of details. It appears that some introductory pages in each chapter explaining what the chapter is about and why I am writing about it is in order. In other words, to lead the reader through the narrative by the nose.

I should emphasise the savage nature of the New Guinea theatre, the exacting terrain, the harsh climate and above all the total absence of any of the features of the 20th century civilisation, such as roads, ports or even skilled labour. These are in every account but normally only briefly and then never mentioned again.

The first chapter on Strategy and Logistics isn't really about strategy so it looks like this chapter will be broken up and a new one substituted.
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