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Mont 24 Report

Said to be pne of the the world's largest 24-hour mountain bike races with 3,031 competitors, the Scott 24 hour MTB Championships were held over the weekend in the ACT's Kowen forest, the race's home since the old Stromlo course was destroyed in the fires of 2002 and 2003. You can compete as a solo rider or as part of a team of 2, 3, 4, 6, 10. In a team, you ride laps of the 20 km course in a relay fashion, with riders doing a lap and then handing over the baton (actually a strip of plastic) to a team member. Most laps wins.

Some 11,867 laps were riden, a total of 241,000 Km,

Although held at the same location, the course was much different from last year. There was less of the steep uphills over fire trails which were replaced with single track. There was only a couple of steep uphills on fire trail this time requiring Granny gear, both brief.

A lot of work had been put in by the track designers to bridge the muddy bits and small streams and repair the soft bits with gravel. Drainage was generally improved. In other words, a lot of changes that would have made all the difference last year. However, instead of being cold and wet and very, very muddy, it was hot, dry and very, very dusty. The bridges made life exciting, although they closed the one after the switchback in the evening.

I cannot remember the ambulance being required before but the race was still younfg when somebody busted a collar bone. later, someone else had a concussion.

I had a fairly easy draw for my four laps this year, at around 1500, 2200, 0600 and 1000. This saved me from having to recharge the batteries as I had only one night lap instead of two. Downside was that it was very hot on my first and last laps (although the start of the night lap was chilly). Got cramps in both legs this time on my first lap but Gatorade fixes them. Generally felt much better afterwards than in previous years. I guess you tend to get fitter as you get older.

Next year the race is scheduled to return to Stromlo but I find this hard to envision as the trees, planted after the fires, are still Christmas tree sized at best.
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