hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Thesis Update

Note from Jeff. Still hasn't completed reading the thesis but asked that an electronic copy be sent to Peter. Apparently, the paper copy was too heavy for him to take to Singapore, where he is staying for a year (lucky him), so Jeff asked for me to send him an electronic copy.

The problem here is that the thesis was not set up with this sort of thing in mind. A number of pictures and maps make it quite large, with some of the chapters over a megabyte in size. I probably could go through and downsize some of them. In any case, the whole thing weighs in at 8 MB. Sent through the email in pieces, it might overflow his mailbox, especially if he doesn't read it much.

So I uploaded a PDF of it so it can be read with a browser (and downloaded, if he has broadband, and printed, if he has a spare ream of paper). Then sent him an email with the URL.

Obviously, I don't expect him to read it. Just following orders.
Tags: thesis
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