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Boston Saturday 8 July - Thursday 13 July

Jo put us up in Hotel@MIT. This was a nice hotel and well located in Cambridge near the T's Red Line in a nice area full of restaurants and cafes. It also has a supermarket inside it (very convenient!) and free internet access, which I used to find the location of a cinema showing Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dead Man's Chest. The place was pretty crowded, this being opening weekend and I was unprepared for the fact that the movie was "To Be Continued...". I want half my money back!

Had a look at the MIT Museum which has a great display of holograms and other weird and wonderful treasures including a fabulous collection of early model robots from the 1960s through 1990s. There was also a good display of the history of the MIT, more to my taste. Try as they might puff up their humanities program, tough, everybody knows you go to MIT to study engineering. (The Sloan School of Management teaches business to engineers.) I was surprised that undergraduates at MIT have to take any humanities at all - they sure didn't have to at the University of Melbourne.

Also had a look at the museums on the Harvard campus - the Fogg Museum, Arthur M. Sackler Museum and Semitic Museum. They have quite some collections there.

We met mamajoan who seemed surprised that 17 yo Jenette was attending a university. Yes, Latrobe University is a real university. Not in the same league as Harvard or MIT in any sense, but it is real. She forgot to bring her student card, so I kept bluffing the admissions people at various venues. When they asked for ID, I'd show them mine. This usually worked. At some places (but not many), 17 yos were classed as children. (As an aside, Disneyworld considered anyone 10 or older to be an adult! Too bad the car rental companies don't agree!)

Took a trip out to Salem and had a look. Most of the place is kind of tacky and touristy. However, the Witch house (actually the restored home of Witch Trials Judge Jonathan Corwin) was pretty interesting.

Finally, a trip to the New England Aquarium. Jenette was surprised to see Little Blue Penguins. While there may only be 44 in zoos in North America, they live by the thousand in Victoria.
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