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A while back I found a line of GI Joes of American WWII generals. The choice was - to me at least - strange: Eisenhower, Patton and Bradley. The first two were not unexpected but Bradley? I would have thought that other generals were more famous, such as General MacArthur.

Anyhow, they have now released a GI Joe General MacArthur, complete with corncob pipe and sunglasses.

Oddly, this MacArthur is not part of the generals series but of a series of Medal of Honor recipients. MacArthur won the Medal for his defeat in the Philippines in 1942

Since his father, General Arthur MacArthur won the Medal of Honor in the Americal Civil War (1861-65), the box incorrectly claims that the two are the only father and son to have won the medal. However, Theodore Roosevelt was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for the Spanish American War (1898) by President Clinton in 2001. His son, Theodore Roosevelt Jr won the medal in World War II.

Of course, Mac also won the Silver Star (six times), the Bronze Star and even the Distinguished Flying Cross.

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