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Book Report for June 2006

Haven't done one of these for a while because I wasn't reading many books while I was trying to get the thesis ready. Kept buying them, though, resulting in a large unread pile which I'm now working my way though.

Books Read:

  • Ray E. Boomhower, Gus Grissom: the Lost Astronaut
    An astronaut biography by a local historian. Gus will never be forgotten by the hoosiers of Mitchell, Indiana. Weak outside Mitchell but mounts a strong defence of the local hero and his home town against slurs in the book The Right Stuff and its film version.
  • Michael Collins, Carrying the Fire.
    The best ever astronaut biography.
  • John B. Lundstrom, The First Team: Pacific Naval Air Combat from Pearl Harbor to Midway
  • John B. Lundstrom, The First Team and the Guadalcanal Campaign: Naval Fighter Combat from August to November 1942
    Amazingly detailed account of air operations from the fighters' cockpits.
  • Shattered Sword: The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway
    Probably the best ever account of this battle. Backed with much solid research and detailed explanations, especially for the armchair tacticians who endlewssly refight it.

Books Waiting to be Read:

  • Nicole R. Murphy (ed), The Outcast: An Anthology of Exiles and Strangers
  • Kaaron Warren, The Grinding House Really enjoying this one
  • Ruth Doan MacDougall, The Cheerleader
  • A novell about growing up in the US of the 1950s.
  • H. G. Bissinger, Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team and a Dream
    Odessa, Tx is a depressed outpost in West Texas. All it had was high school football. Until this book took that away too.
  • Kim Harrison, Dead Witch Walking
  • Kate MacAlister, Even Vampires get the Blues
    For the plane flight.
  • Sarah Waters, The Night Watch
    Went to the bottom of the pile after kannaophelia gave it a bum review
  • John Irving, Until I find you
    Read a few pages of this autobiographical and had to buy it. Chances of reading it are slim at present
  • James L. Abrahamson and Paul H. Carew, Vanguard of American Atomic Deterrence: the Sandia Pioneers 1946-1949
  • John F. Haldon (ed), General Issues in the Study of Medieval Logistics
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