hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

The Traveller Prepares

Finally getting down to getting the arrangements in order for my overseas trip. The last two trips were to gather material for the thesis. No good good reason for this one really. As on four previous trips, I'll be circumnavigating the globe.


Melbourne Saturday 1 July - Sunday 2 July

Vancouver Monday 3 - Friday 7 July

Boston Saturday 8 July - Thursday 13 July

New York Friday 14 July - Tuesday 18 July

London Wednesday 19 July - Wednesday 26 July

Melbourne Thursday 27 July - Sunday 30 July

Hope to see some of you there.


  • Golden Wiki Award

    My fellow Wikipedia Military History editors awarded me a Golden Wiki as 2012 Wikipedia Military historian of the year.

  • F-22 Raptor

    The F-22 Raptor would be one of the most lethal fighter aircraft if it were flying

  • British Nuclear Deterrent

    The British are keeping their nuclear deterrent. It'll come in handy for a war with India.

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