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Happy New Year!

It was 44C here in Melbourne the other day. That's about 111F in the old measurements. Which is just about fabulous! I love it hot when I don't have to work and can jump into the pool at any time.

The "completed" thesis chapter is now 40 pages long, and incorporates everything written about the Huon campaign thus far, including the Markham Valley Pole Line. I'll probably turn it in in this form. The "new" chapter is 7 pages long and so far is only about Finschhafen.

WWII remains a frustrating war to write up. Orders get issued and things don't happen - bad when you're working from documents. In the case of Finschhafen, there was more than one cover-up too, although they needn't have bothered, because apathy, both in Australia and America, have led to the whole campaign being well and truly forgotten.

There is only one book on Finschhafen, fortunately good, by LTG Coates, called Bravery Above Blunder. He covers the controversies fairly well. My take is a little different, because I have a slightly different perspective (considering logistics rather than operations).

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