hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Penultimate Draft

I printed two copies of the Penultimate Draft, one for Jeff and one for Peter. I had them spiral bound. This cost a few dollars. An aligator clip would have done since they are just review copies but I couldn't find one near large enough. I did consider just using red tape but in the end had them spiral bound - something that I was intending to do for the three examiner copies.

These will all be printed out here. Each requires nearly 400 pages as compared to 500 pages in a ream of A4 paper. The toner in the printer is said to be good for 6,500 pages and costs a hundred bucks. At the moment I am considering running off a dozen hardbound copies. I need at least six. If I decide to have them photocopied instead of printing them myself it will cost 6c per page. Distribution will be: Jeff, Peter, History Department, Library (two copies), War Memorial, myself (two copies), family (two copies), US (two copies).
Tags: thesis
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