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English help required

The thesis is riddled with stuff about how many "days supply" of something there was. Is "days" an adjective, in which case it needs no apostrophe, or a possessive, in which case it should be "days' supply"?



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25th Apr, 2006 22:20 (UTC)
I would opt on the side of using the apostrophe. (And googling both forms shows much more usage of posessive than not using that.)
25th Apr, 2006 22:35 (UTC)
In journalism, we would treat it as a possessive. But I'm American, so take that as you will. ;-)
25th Apr, 2006 23:45 (UTC)
Definitely a plural possessive, as in "a supply of x days". Days' supply.
25th Apr, 2006 23:56 (UTC)
I'm having trouble picturing "days" as an adjective under any conditions so I'd go with the possessive.

I'm also accustomed to reading of "a three-day supply" of something or other. That sounds American to me for some reason but I'm not in a good position to judge, being mostly immersed in American English.
26th Apr, 2006 01:32 (UTC)
Use the apostrophe.
26th Apr, 2006 09:23 (UTC)
Apostrophes added.
26th Apr, 2006 11:58 (UTC)
I'm a bit late, but yes, definitely use the apostrophes. When I had a job proofreading job listings, we were repeatedly reminded that there must be an apostrophe in "X years' experience" (or else it could be "X years of experience with no apostrophe).
26th Apr, 2006 22:43 (UTC)
Apostraphe needed!
26th Apr, 2006 22:43 (UTC)
Apparantly I can't spell.
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