hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Thesis update

Jeff wants the Penultimate Draft of the thesis by mid-May. That gives me about six days (full-time) plus three weekends - another six days full-time. I need to finish off Borneo and then do an edit on all twelve chapters.

I printed out Chapters 1 through 10 and marked up Chapter 5 (From Wau to Salamaua). Let's just say that now I need another red pen. There were all sorts of problems. People mentioned who don't appear before (or again), jumbled sentences, garbled words. Lots of Imperial measurements which need to be replaced. Worst of all, a footote was missing. Luckily, I found the correct reference this morning. But if every chapter is so bad, I will need a day for editing each one.

Let's give Jeff two weeks to read it. That gets it back to me by the start of June. I then have four weeks to revise it before handing it back to be submitted at the end of June. If I can't make that, I am overseas in July.
Tags: thesis

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