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Thesis Review Panel

This went pretty well.

Jeff told the review committe that my performance was "outstanding".

They asked me what the thesis was about. I didn't have a potted answer prepared, so I just told them. They asked about the conclusion, so I gave a sketch of that too. I'm not sure how well I conveyed that I knew what I was talking about but they seemed happy enough.

Jeff doesn't think that submitting the thesis before the minimum time will be a problem.

He asked about whether there was anybody I especially didn't want to examine the thesis. I couldn't think of anybody. I can't imagine anybody having a list of people like that.

He also asked about the possibility of turning it into a book. I've never done anything like that before but he seems to think that it would be easy enough. Apparently there are lots of biographies in production but few more general works so the publishers are on the lookout. One can only hope.

He wants the penultimate draft by the middle of May. This should be easy enough. I wrote over 1,000 words on Balikpapan on the weekend, so this section, the very last, is half done. Another working day or so should finish it off.



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10th Apr, 2006 11:44 (UTC)
Jeff told the review committe that my performance was "outstanding".

That's brilliant! Well done.
10th Apr, 2006 11:51 (UTC)
Yay! You were worrying for nothing.
10th Apr, 2006 12:14 (UTC)
Good news all round. I think a book is an excellent idea.
11th Apr, 2006 03:57 (UTC)
Woohoo!! COngratulations! And also congrats on the book bit
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