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Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild

Went to A Bite to Eat in search of girliejones, who was visiting Canberra. What I found was the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild, a writers' group. he only one I recognised was gillpolack from, of all places, an article in the Canberra Times on cooking. As it turns out, she has a doctorate in Medieval History.

It was a fine place for a nosh, although there seemed to be rather a lot of vegetarians in the group and it doesn't realy cater to them. The trout (I'm told) was great, the lamb looked yummy but the the chilli pork with scallops was delicious.

I didn't get to say much more than "hello" and "goodbye" to girliejones but she is one of those sparkling personalities who seems to light up the room, even when surrounded by larger than life personalities.

There was a "pre-launch launch" on Saturday for The Outcast, the latest anthology by the group. Initially I was reluctant to attend, as the Research Centre at the War Memorial is only open from 1300 to 1700 but it was more of a case of "you will attend". In any case, I was glad I did. I bought a copy of The Outcast and The Grinding House, a collection of short stories by one of the group. Reviews will follow when i get around to reading them. Nobody should hold their breath though - my unread books pile gets ever larger.

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