hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Computer Science Considered Unpopular

At an IBM presentation last week it was mentioned that the number of students studying computer science has been dropping dramatically. From today's paper:

The downturn has occurred across Victorian universities as IT enrolments slumped by up to 50 per cent at some institutions. The sharpest declines were in domestic student enrolments. Their numbers at Swinburne dropped by almost a quarter between 2001 and 2005. At Melbourne University, enrolments dropped from 2200 to 1608 in the same period.

Interest from new students in IT degrees also continues to plummet, with a 15.4 per cent decrease in first-round offers in Victoria this year.

Once, there were quotas on Computer Science courses because they were so popular! We took it because we liked it but the guys in the office felt that back during the .COM bubble, mothers used to push boys into doing ComSci in order to get a good job. Now the bubble has burst, it is seen as a ticket to the dole queue and they are pressured not to study it.
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