hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Thesis Update

Not that much done this weekend but I did write up a paragraph on the acquisition of mechanical equipment, which was inserted into the Bougainville chapter. This is not unusual; lots of little snippets are inserted in odd places where they won't interrupt the narrative. The overall effect is that the thesis seems to casully wander off on tangents all the time, exploring various minor subjects. In reality, these digressions are far from casual. Also edited the chapter on the bases to remove stuff related to off-topic 1942, thereby saving 1,000 words.

Apart from completing the remaining two chapters, the big task remaining is to join the documents to gather to form one large document. This is so that the page numbers will increase from chapter to chapter rather than restarting with each chapter. The documents remain physically separate; it is just a use of the subdocument feature. This was commenced, with the first nine chapters bound into the over-arching thesis document. Unfortunately, nothing so far gives me great faith in MS Word's ability to handle a document this large, with lots of formatting problems.
Tags: thesis
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