hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Work Update

Last year, I posted about how the company I work for was taken over by an American dot com called Intellisync. Now, Intellisync has itself been swallowed up by Nokia, a Finnish company that makes mobile phones.

From Intellisync's web page:

It should be noted that certain statements herein which are not historical facts, including, without limitation, those regarding: a) the timing of product and solution deliveries; b) our ability to develop, implement and commercialize new products, solutions and technologies; c) expectations regarding market growth, developments and structural changes; d) expectations regarding our mobile device volume growth, market share and prices, e) expectations and targets for our results of operations; f) the outcome of pending and threatened litigation; and g) statements preceded by "believe," "expect," "anticipate," "foresee," "target," "designed" or similar expressions are forward-looking statements.

Nokia people have been in town signing us up. We got welcoming gifts of rye bread and salt. The inscription on the box of salt reads:

This salt is sourced from ancestral riverbeds in Victoria. It is free from artificial additives and has a robust flavour with a perfect balance and no bitterness.

Guys, it's Sodium Chloride. Deal with it.

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