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Year's end

Didn't get the fourth chapter of the year done. Instead, I just declared what has been done as completing the chapter and have moved on to the next. It's only 21 pages long. Notably, I'm not handing it in to Jeff. However, when the next is complete, I may be able to shift pages between the two and bring it up to size. That next chapter is already 16 pages long. I'll complete it while I am on holidays. I'm taking all the important discs, files and books with me and the laptop as well. Efforts to back up the Win2K machine have failed so far, owing to problems with the backup disc.

I don't know why I even bother talking to Telscum. I fear the only possible explanation is masochism. For a start, it takes about 50 minutes just to get through. I just couldn't let Ziggy Switkowski tell the Senate that everyone in Gungahlin can now have Broadband. So I rang them up and asked them to install it. We can't of course because we have optic fibre instead of copper and ADSL requires copper. Raised a request to remove Pair Gain. They'll look at it and decide that it is not possible.

I've actually gotten two Christmas cards this year. However, both are corporate cards.

Anyone looking for a new job might try here.

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