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Anzac Day 2016

But that effort stands. The meaner struggles of politics cannot erase one tittle from the story of that terrible but more generous struggle in the holly scrub of Gallipoli or under the rain-clouds of France or the glare of Sinai.

Twenty-three years ago the arms were handed in. The rifles were locked in the rack. The horses were sold. The guns were sheeted and parked in storage for other gunners. The familiar faded-green uniform disappeared from the streets.

But the Australian Imperial Force is not dead. That famous army of generous men marches still down the long lane of its country's history, with bands playing and rifles slung, with packs on shoulders, white dust on boots, and bayonet scabbards and entrenching tools flapping on countless thighs, as the French countryfolk and the fellaheen of Egypt knew it.

What these men did nothing can alter now. The good and the bad, the greatness and smallness of their story will stand. Whatever of glory it contains nothing now can lessen. It rises, as it will always rise, above the mists of ages, a monument to great-hearted men; and, for their nation, a possession for ever.

Bean VI:1096


Merry Christmas

Daddy update (#3)

Well, Daddy was awake on Sunday, but somewhat confused. He felt that the people in Intensive Care were watching him all the time. (Which of course they were.) Fortunately, my niece used her Sunday day off to take care of him, even giving him a blood transfusion.

They moved him out of the ICU on Monday to the cardiac ward. He was something of a pain. He seemed to be under the impression that he was in a resort on the Gold Coast. He kept wanting to get up, which of course he could not do.

Each day he gets noticeably better. When his blood count dipped down, they transferred three bags into him last night. (This is caused by the chemo.)

Looks like he will be out in a week or so, which is not bad considering.


Daddy update (#2)

Having lowered his temperature, the Intensive Care Unit slowly brought Daddy back up again this this morning. They tried yesterday but he became distressed.

He woke up again and tried to talk to us. This was difficult with the tube still down his throat. We had to go out again while they removed it, which apparently takes at least three doctors.

He wanted to know where he was. What time it was. What had happened. He doesn't remember anything.

He said his chest was sore. He my have cracked a rib. This may have been me.

So it looks like he will pull through.


Daddy update

Been here with my Dad for three weeks. Spent the whole day with him yesterday. We went in to Cambrini Hospital for his latest chemo treatment. He drove. He was in very good spirits.

Was home by lunch time and had a roast pork for dinner. Then there was a shriek from my mother. He just passed out on his bed. Kept him breathing and his heart going until a fire engine and two ambulances arrived. They jump started his heart and took him to the Monash Medical Centre.

He is unconscious but in a stable condition with lots of tubes and what have you.


Merry Christmas!

I look better from this angle

God bless us, everyone!


Santa's Naughty List for 2014

The naughty list is dominated by athletes this year

5. Michael Phelps
4. Justin Bieber
3. Sepp Blatter
2. Ray Rice
1. Todd Carney

NB: If you don't know what Todd Carney did, don't google it! Trust me on this.

Riding to work

Bike path is busier than Burke Street these days.